I've been wanting to field trip to Newark's Ironbound area to explore the city's Portuguese eats for years, but despite my willingness to cross state lines for food (hello, Mitsuwa!), Newark trips always ended up on the back burner. So when we got a loaner car last month, I knew I had no public transportation-related excuse to fall back on.* The time for Newark, I announced to Max and Niki, is now.

*Note that a car is absolutely not necessary to visit Newark, though it will make dragging your Seabra's Supermakret spoils home much easier.

Seabra's Marisqueira is something of an Ironbound institution: famed for its seafood, the restaurant has been open since 1989, though it's cheerfully timeless, like a Vegas casino with all the clocks removed. The restaurant is a perennial Chowhound favorite and sets a proper tone for first-time Newark visitors: surly service, day drinkers parked at the horseshoe bar, and a marine laboratory-sized array of fresh seafood splayed out on ice in the center.