Newark, N. J. (12/10/2013)- The Greater Newark Convention & Visitors
Bureau has partnered with Raleigh, NC based YILLIO, Inc. to utilize its
technology to help connect visitors and residents with merchants in advance
of Super Bowl XLVIII.


"The GNCVB is thrilled to be able to help visitors explore, discover and save
along their chosen route through Yillio's patented technology." Michael
Davidson, Executive Director of the GNCVB remarked, "Newark has a long
history of innovators, and tinkerers perfecting patent leather, creating
malleable iron, celluloid as well as the universal stock ticker, and our
partnership with Yillio honors Newark's legacy delivering cutting edge
technology to the region."


Using a mobile device with the YILLIO app, YILLIO helps consumers connect
to merchants, and find events and activities along their route. Merchants
sign-up to participate without cost and can create an advertising message to
share real-time money saving promotions, specials, coupons, gas prices and
fun events.


YILLIO's GPS route planning and merchant reported promotions allow
consumers to search and plan where they want to stop in between the
beginning and end of their destination. Underlying YILLIO is a sophisticated
patented route-based network that uses location, navigation and a variety of
contextual inputs to match mobile consumers with relevant places, offers
and discounts.


"We are delighted to be a part of this opportunity to introduce YILLIO
technology to the people of the Greater Newark area and their guests during
the weeks prior and after the Super Bowl," stated Tully Ryan, President of
YILLIO. "People will be able to search ahead based on their interests and
instantly find it on their smart phones as they travel throughout the area."