Wall Street Journal-

For the hotel, a $32 million restoration project, many original details were left intact, such as the central marble staircase, the teller window (now the hotel desk) and the old bank vault, which has been turned into a pizza oven, said Samer.

Many of the building's modern design elements are inspired by Thomas Edison, who had a workshop nearby. There are Edison light bulbs inside the lobby, cafe, and restaurant, which will be called Alva, the middle name of the inventor. The lobby has a glass-mosaic mural of an Edison ticker-tape machine.

Steel columns are exposed in the hotel hallways and are colored copper-green to give off an industrial, vintage look. Modern-looking bedrooms have barn-style bathroom doors and are controlled with iPads. The rooftop lounge has views overlooking downtown. The high-tech structure will also funnel and filter gray water from sinks and showers to be used for the toilets.