New Jersey doesn't suffer the precious notion of fools.

So yes, we've had some buy-in to the era of Brooklyn artisanal hipster cuisine, when tablecloths were banished and foraging became trendy. We welcome some of the recession-backlash highbrow-lowbrow mix, a gathering of everyone under the tent, a certain street chic. And sure, we applaud any aesthetic that celebrates nose-to-tail sustainability and wholesome, unprocessed ingredients.

But we don't marry foie gras to potato chips and we don't favor Oreos as a dessert ingredient and we don't discuss the provenance of coffee more than the taste of coffee itself. Brooklyn artisanal hipster cuisine carries with it an anti-hype reverse-precious snobbery. Thankfully, there's a cure for that. It's called New Jersey. Our best new restaurants celebrate the future of food. Period. They're good. They're fun. They're real.