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If you’re looking for serious laughs, superstar comedian Kevin Hart will be serving them up by the boatload on June 30 at the Prudential Center for North to Shore. Hart is an entertainer and entrepreneur who routinely sells out arenas and box offices (can we say 11 films opening at #1?). This Philly native, an Emmy-, Grammy- and Audie-nominated NY Times bestselling author twice over never fails to deliver on his mission to find the intersection of comedy and culture in ways that keep the world laughing.

Each performance highlights his deliberate and masterful approach to tackling his neuroses, bringing them to life on stage for the world to examine. His physical comedy is unparalleled, as he expertly uses hand gestures, voices and facial expressions to enhance his jokes. Additionally, Hart seamlessly weaves callbacks to his previous material throughout his shows, demonstrating his exceptional joke-writing skills and ability to interconnect seemingly disparate ideas. There is no one on this planet who can command a stage quite like Kevin Hart. Get your tickets today!