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Sassy, the name by which Sarah Vaughan was known! Trilogy an opera company explores the wonder voice of the Newark Native and explores the struggle of this Black woman whose vocalism was beyond the limits of those who tried to define it. Not at all comfortable with the limiting factors of genre. We will quickly explore her life and bring into focus some of the men she married and the people she admired and worked with including Billy Eckstine, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Parker, and  Billie Holiday. We are so pleased to bring Richard Thompson back to Newark.


Now, Once again, Trilogy an opera company celebrates  the composer of Sassy, RICHARD THOMPSON, WHO IS CELEBRATED BY OPERA NEWS FOR HIS OTHER OPERA “THE MASK IN THE MIRROR. However, here, he is taking the young eager wide eyed Sarah and as well as the older sultry Sarah, exploring the voice, even into the world of Opera..


This piece aggressively explores the sounds of the time motivating Sarah from (“JAZZ”)known as “The Music” all the way to Opera and Back again, reminding us of her earliest exploits as a pianist. Sarah was a SINGER……first …


Wonder voice, Lila Ammons sings the title role!