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Founded in 1664, the city of Elizabeth is rich with authentic history, as anyone who takes one of our historical tours will soon learn! Our walkable mid-town district is full of monuments, landmarks and historical sites that allow visitors to travel back in time and learn about different eras of the city’s history. Walk in the footsteps of many of our country’s leaders and Revolutionary War heroes
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(George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, to name a few) as you explore the homes in which they dined and lived in. History buffs aren’t the only ones that will enjoy their time in Elizabeth; anyone who appreciates shopping, fine cultural dining, arts and entertainment will find endless opportunities to explore our local culture and community.
"Elizabeth is home to the East Coasts largest indoor outlet mall, SIMON: The Mills at Jersey Gardens" 

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Located just minutes from New York City and accessible from the entire shopping and entertainment districts, Elizabeth was voted the 5th best shopping city in the country. Double your wardrobe without doubling your budget – your wallet will thank you!​
Elizabeth also has an appetite for every taste. Our award winning, multi-cultural cuisine will have you coming back for seconds every time.
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Take your taste buds on an adventure, visit Portugal, Italy, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia and more – no passport needed, just a reservation. Being that Elizabeth is so multi-cultural, we have many different cultural celebrations and demonstrations to look forward to in the warmer months. Our Portugal Day Parade is the largest on the East Coast and our Colombian Festival is the largest of its kind in the entire country. Be a part of history when visiting Elizabeth during the summer months, and come celebrate the

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culture and heritage that makes Elizabeth a true melting pot. Located just a few minutes from New York City and easily accessible from the entire Tri-State area, Elizabeth is the premiere destination for those looking to discover what they didn’t know, they didn’t know! Our Services GoElizabethNJ serves as a gateway for tourists, connecting groups with all of accommodations they need to plan a visit to our great city, from lodging options to maps and transportation information. Specializing

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in great experiences for group tours, GoElizabethNJ provides itinerary planning that includes: diverse cultural cuisine and ethnic dining experiences, agricultural tour experiences, historical and educational experiences, urban community service projects, faith based travel experiences, and shopping experiences that have been known to create shop-a-holics. Before visiting, be sure to download our mobile app to keep the city of Elizabeth easily accessible at your fingertips.

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