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Halsey Street Shopping

Just a few blocks on Halsey Street offer all the wintry pleasures of gift shopping.  Fortify yourself with a samosa from Burger Walla at 47 Halsey Street. Well actually, fortify yourself with a samosa, a lassi or a Boylan soda (which they have on tap), a veggie burger with goat cheese and walla sauce, I say, or maybe one of their “limited edition” lamb burgers.

Holla at yo walla! The staff is a close, idiosyncratic crew, like a family!

Burger Walla – cilantro chicken

Underground Skate Shop - Dunks

Have a skater on your shopping list?

Underground Skate Shop – 109 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ —

They carry all the major brands in skateboarding from Nike SB, Adidas to Spitfire, Independent and Real Skateboards. Their stock consists of over 200 decks, plenty of trucks and wheels so you have plenty of options.  Most importantly, they support the local brands within our area.

With two stores located in New Jersey, they will still ship to anywhere in the U.S.

Discover secrets of Ancient African Formula

109 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ
• 100% Natural Shea Butter Creams, Soaps, and Hair Products

Ancient African Formula

Off the Hanger-rack

Off the Hanger X ANĒ_16:9

Looking for a "Luxury Experience"?

12 Linden Street, Newark, NJ

Just as the Creatives, Designers, and Artists take great pride in their body of work we are extremely proud of the amenities and services that make shopping at Off The Hanger and ANĒ a pleasure. 

ON-SITE ALTERATIONS (By Appointment) Our tailoring service is at your disposal for alterations to almost any of your purchases. We provide same-day service as a rule and can usually handle minor alterations while you wait. The same goes for emergency repairs and routine wardrobe maintenance, such as tightening loose buttons: Bring the garment in, and we’ll fix that button on the spot.

Their Instagrammable/mural-like walls have gained quite the attention of eclectic visitors and creatives alike.

Browse at Halsey Fabrics at 91 Halsey Street. If you’re crafty, you’re sure to find some affordable and expertly-sourced fabrics. If you’re not, I suggest using fabric instead of wrapping paper; my favorite is the African resist fabric. Stay a spell and enjoy the mellow drama of the multigenerational folks who have run the store for decades, who patiently manage dozens of bolts of shiny fabric as Newarkers and others – some of whom come from quite a distance – debate dress styles at length.


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