"The Brazilian Day Newark is a joyful celebration of all Brazilian things."

Each year we gather in Newark to celebrate and honor the heritage in recognition of the achievements of our community in Brazil and around the world. There is something magical about Brazilian music and culture that cannot be described in words, and you must experience it!

This year we have the honor of performing Bahiana music diva Margareth Menezes on the Brazilian Day Newark stage.Margareth's engaging Axé is accompanied by the nervous band bringing Salvador's swing and energy to our stage. For her cultural and political activism Margareth Menezes will be awarded by the hands of Newark Mayor Ras J. Baraka with the "Proclamation" award, attended by Brazilian authorities.

Ahead of this party, three distinguished guests will command this year's attractions; Mileide Mihaile, Sergio Marone and Eduardo Pazzini. In this festival, Jairzinho comes to bring his samba wheel with the non-fading classics. Taty Zatto directly from Rio de Janiero will command the #BRDAYNWK ticks Saturday night, and at the Domigo Braga Ball in exclusive performance! Great Little Ones - The musical with Jairzinho and Tania Khalill takes to the stage bringing the magic of children's tales in a performance full of colors, music and dance.

This year we will also have social programs, dance classes, contests, fitness classes, awards and gospel show.

September 6th, 7th and 8th are waiting for you on the corner of joy for the best Br Day Nwk of the year !!!!

Brazilian Fest

Brazilian Fest



SEP, 6 _ FRI



Flag Chasing

Introduction with Violin - Paganini School 

Presentation of Brazilian States
(Parade of Flags)

Brazilian National Anthem - Alexandre Cavalcante

US National Anthem - Ms. Gewn Moten

Greeting - Ligia Freitas

Mayor of Newark - Ras J. Baraka

Minister - Assistant Consul - Marco Antonio Nakata - Consulate of Brazil NY

Pedro Ordyngew - President of Mantena Global Care

Capoeira Concert - Brazilian Cultural Center

Samba Show - Multi Arts School

MPB - Alexandre Cavalcante

Thanks and Cocktail

SEP, 7 _ SAT

269 ​​FERRY ST

Opening - Gospel Moment with Religious Leaders 
- Vanilda Paula 
- Coral Fire Ministry 
- Asaph & Band 
+ Prayer of the Lord's Prayer


Dance School Presentations
- Paganini 
- The Dance Academy 
- Multi Arts


Kids show
Mimicalado, Chili and team


Cruise Sport Club


Fashion Show - Brazilian Brands in USA


Margareth Menezes  
Dj Taty Zatho 

SEP, 8 _ SUN

269 ​​FERRY ST

Crossfit: Wild Rose


Zumba: Crisanity Workout Team


Capoeira - Brazilian Cultural Center


Gaucha Dance
Speaker: Eddy Texas


Kids Show  - Tania Khalill and Jairzinho


- Capoeira - Senzala de Capoeira Cultural Center 
- Gafieira 
- Singer: Sam Diem

4PM Brazilian Native

Anthem - Joanna New York 
Native American Anthem - Arthur 
Poema Brasilidade - Alana Rosa
Solemnity - Mantena Global Care
José Moreira
Mayor of Newark - Ras J. Baraka


Thematic Cakes Exhibition (Brazilian States)


Jairzinho - Samba Wheel
Braga Ball

 Brazilian Day Newark