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The Greater Newark Area is the destination to source your ideal location and for streamlining cost-effective film, television, and video projects. Our service-oriented staff and partners offer quick engagement to connect you with locations, direct you to City permits, equipment, local crews, and hotel accommodations.


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Typical Weather

Newark weather can vary from day to day, and even hour to hour, but a guide to the seasons can help you plan your wardrobe. To see current weather conditions, view details on

More generally, spring in Newark brings budding flowers, light winds and rain, with the season’s temperatures ranging from cool to very warm. Summer is characterized by bright, sunny, hot days and later sunsets, sometimes accompanied by cool breezes in areas near the water. The fall season is chilly and crisp, so it’s wise to wear layers. The winter months are cold and snowy with less daylight, though the sky is often sunny and clear. Below is a chart with average temperatures and rainfall by month.

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Season Temperatures

Season Average High Average Low
Spring 62 44



Fall 66 48.9
Winter 42 27




Newark is the place for versatile, cost-effective, and low lift location shoots. Few permits are needed to film in the Newark area, which makes producing a project here easy and budget friendly. Each city and town has its own unique regulations pertaining to film production; please contact Newark Office of Film & TV and/or NJ Motion Picture & Television Commission​.

Permits, Insurance, and Filming Regulations **

City of Newark Permits, Insurance, and Filming Regulations — REQUIRED

State Regulations and Guidelines

Dept. of State NJ Motion Picture & Television Commission