Party Pics 2016

Thank you for attending Voodoo Nights with Northern New Jersey, we hope you had a blast! Let’s raise a glass to good times and celebrate new friendships. Stay in touch, and feel free to share pictures of your voodoo dolls back on their home turf #VoodooNightsIPW. We leave you with a few of our favorite pictures from the night, where under a summer solstice we came together to create a little voodoo magic.


Hope you had as much fun as we did and get ready to celebrate with us next year in Washington, DC at IPW 2017. 


Voodoo Street Sign


Voodoo restaurant marquee




Voodoo Let's Dance_June 2016


Woman Dancing over candle light_voodoo nights


Voodoo Snakeskin_450x450


Voodoo Succotash_June 2016


Voodoo Drinks_450x450




Voodoo Cocktails_June 2016


Voodoo coins_June 2016


Voodoo Dress_450x450