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Riverfront Park Events in Newark

It’s summertime in New Jersey’s largest city, and if you can’t beat the heat, you might as well embrace it! Why drive for hours to the Jersey shore when you can catch a sweet river breeze, soak up some sun and enjoy the great outdoors right here at Newark’s Riverfront Park? A world-class recreational green space that features over 15 acres of fun, Riverfront Park features amenities like a walking and biking trail, sports fields and courts, a floating boat dock, a riverfront boardwalk and playgrounds. There’s truly something for every person of any age to enjoy along Newark’s Passaic River! 

Riverfront park

So why wait? Warm weather days are the ideal time to enjoy a picture perfect sunset, catch a movie on the lawn, plan a midday picnic, dance under the moonlight, take a yoga class, or get educated about the city’s waterway. The very best part is that almost all of the Park’s public events are absolutely free. Ready for your riverfront experience? Dive in!

Fitness & Educational Events

When the weather is hot, the last place anyone wants to be is inside a sweaty gym. Enjoy the outdoors while sculpting your body with these free fitness opportunities in Riverfront Park!
Riverfront Yoga in The Meadow –  Mondays at 6 pm through Sept. 16

Riverfront Zumba in The Meadow – Tuesdays at 6 pm through Sept. 10

Riverfront Capoeira in The Meadow – Thursdays at 6:30 pm through Sept. 12

Riverfront Intramural Kickball   Mondays at 6 pm through Sept. 30

Purpose Runners Riverfront Club – Wednesdays at 5 pm through Sept. 25

Riverfront 5K Race – Sunday, August 18

Kayaking on the Passaic – Saturdays, June 22, July 6, and August 24

Arts and Entertainment 

The river belongs to the people, so take advantage of an entire summer of fabulously free programming including film, music, art, dance, theater and chess! 

Riverfront Park

Riverfront Chess – Weds. at 6 pm, June 19 - Aug. 28 

Comedy Under the Stars – June 28

Riverfront Hip Hop Weekend – July 19 - 20

Riverfront Theater Day – August 3 at 3 pm

Family Movie Night (Coco) – June 29 at 8 pm

Movie Night – July 12 and August 2 at 8 pm

Riverfront Park

Words on the Water (Open Mic) – July 26 and Aug. 23 at 7 pm

Riverfront House with DJ Omar Abdallah – 

May 10, July 14, Aug. 1, Sept. 13, and October 11 at 7 pm

Dance Newark! – August 17 from 5 - 7 pm

Watercolor in the Park – Saturdays, June 22 - August 31 at 2 pm

Newark International Film Festival – Sept. 6 - 8

Riverfront Park

Boat Tours

Want to explore the Newark Riverfront from the vantage point of the Passaic River? Sign up for a dynamic Riverfront Boat Tour with a focus on the history, ecology, and redevelopment of the city along the River.


June 23, July 7, July 21, and August 18

Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park

Boat tour tickets are $5 for Newark residents and $15 for non-residents, 5 years old and up. Get your tickets by emailing newarkriverfront@gmail.com or calling (201) 341-8311.

But wait, there’s more! Plans were just announced to design and develop an additional 15 acres of Riverfront Park space, which will bring the total size of Newark’s public access to the Passaic River waterfront to well over 31 acres. We can’t wait to enjoy even more local fun, art and entertainment along the riverfront!