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Mompou Newark

It’s no mystery that The Ironbound is saturated with Iberian culture and influences (amongst many others). It is impossible to go through the neighborhood without seeing a happy hour bar sign boasting of its sangria specials or locales showing off their extensive tapas selection. And although everyone will have their own personal favorites – all are guaranteed to be good. However, there is one truly unique gem in the neighborhood: Mompou’s Flamenco Room.

There are many locations that will offer you a Spanish gastronomic adventure via food and wine. However, the aptly named Flamenco Room will transport you straight to Spain with their food, ambiance, and entertainment. The extension of Mompou’s Tapas opened in December 2017, just before the holiday’s and has been going strong. The restaurant already had a strong following for their changing seasonal menu and weekly Flamenco show’s on Sundays. But their following grew bigger than their space would allow, giving birth to what is now known as their Flamenco Room. 

Flamenco Dancing

The entrance to the room is through the main restaurant and offers plenty of more space and easy viewing from all table locations. The cool ambiance of the room is centered around a bi-level stage with just enough room for a trio (including one dancer on the platform below) – which is plenty because flamenco is a mix of singing, dancing, guitar, and rhythmic clapping/snapping. The whole room is instantly filled and intensified the moment the artists begin.

Mompou’s features Maestro Pedro Cortes, Jose Moreno, and a guest dancer every other Sunday (more information available on www.pedrocortes.com). The vibe of all three artists combined is very powerful. Regardless of being a Spanish Native or not, Flamenco makes for an exhilarating show, and artists such as Cortes and Moreno have been hailed and praised for keeping alive such a beautiful tradition.

Flamanco Dancing Ironbound

If you don’t already have enough excuses for visiting the Ironbound, add the Flamenco Room to the very top of your list. It is the very quintessence of what makes the neighborhood so beautiful and unique. Mompou’s Tapas Bar and Restaurant hit the rare nail-on-the-head with its blend of traditional and modern. It’s an exquisite breath of fresh air. It provides the Ironbound with it’s missing link to the rest of Newark's thriving arts scene, without neglecting any of the neighborhood’s rich traditions.

The Flamenco Room is within Mompou’s Tapas Bar and Restaurant at 77 Ferry Street. Reservations are strongly encouraged, as they can get pretty packed. Their telephone number is (973) 578-8114. Perhaps you’ll come down and experience the enticing Flamenco Show. But if live music and entertainment aren’t your things, remember that they also serve killer tapas and to-die-for sangria. This is a sure hit for occasions ranging from birthdays and anniversaries to a very thoughtful date night.


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