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Best Burger Spots in Newark

Give in to your cravings! We know you’ve been thinking about a juicy burger but you’re not the type to settle. We hear you and deliver your salvation, or salivation. Please do not read this on an empty stomach. You’ve been forewarned. Journey with us as we visit Newark’s best burger joints. From classic comfort food to burgers with a modern twist you’ll find delicious options that will challenge your clean plate record. Get your burger on with our guide to Newark’s Best Burger Bets.

Krug's Tavern

Founded in 1932, Krugs Tavern is one of Newark's oldest restaurants. It has stood the test of time for a reason. The burgers are amazing!

Each burger is weighed down with 12 ounces of fresh ground beef and rest assured that no matter what you top your burger with two hands will be required to eat it. Toppings are added a la carte and include the classics: onions, lettuce tomatoes, cheese and bacon.

The fried (more like caramelized) onions are a must add. Krugs patrons are loyal customers and provide a welcoming vibe. Grab a burger, a side of fries, a cold brew and enjoy a Krugs classic burger knowing you're sampling a delicious piece of Newark history.

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Burger Walla 

Burger Walla is Newark's newest burger bet and it is the first to add an Indian twist. Burger Walla burgers are infused with the spices that inspired the Kama Sutra and are quite possibly the sexiest burgers you will experience here in Newark.

In addition to the Indian spices infused into the burgers, there are tons of toppings to choose from including chutneys. Sides include samosas; curried cauliflower, sweet potato tots and for those purists, traditional hand cut fries. Their beef burgers are made with New Jersey beef from Pat LaFrieda farm.

In addition to beef burgers, Burger Walla offers chicken, lamb, veggie and shrimp options. Dive in to a lamb burger topped with goat cheese, caramelized onions, that magical Walla sauce.

Hamburgao Restaurant 

At Hamburgao, a Brazilian style burger joint...two hands are not quite enough to get the job done. What makes this burger unique?

Well, the hamburgers are humongous, served in paper sleeves, and can be topped with tasty treats like potato sticks, corn, eggs, and topped with a special sauce. Hamburgao is so popular it was even featured on the Travel Channel.

Beware! Even while double handing your burger and pressing it together, if you're not careful you might unhinge your jaw trying to trying to dig deep and get that perfect bite.

While it wouldn't be a stretch to cut any Hamburgao in half or share it with friends, the prices are exceptionally wallet friendly with the most expensive sirloin steak burger topping out at a whopping $8!

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Burger Bound 

Looking for burgers made with organic beef?  Burger Bound is the place for you. In addition to organic meat and fresh veggies, Burger Bound makes an avocado aioli that is sure to impress packing a ton of flavor.

Eat on...the Burger Bound Special is a always a favorite made with an organic beef patty, caramelized onions, BB avocado aioli, tomato, crispy bacon, American cheese, ham, fried egg and pickles. This is not a time to start counting calories...it's a delicious dish and organic to boot.

In addition to the beef burgers, Burger Bound serves up salmon, mushroom and veggie burgers. You won't want to miss their truffle parmesan fries - truly Burger Bound bliss.

McGovern's Tavern

McGovern's has a great homey feel that welcomes you the minute you walk in. They feature several burgers including a veggie option.

The most unusual burger on the menu is the pizza burger that dishes out eight ounces of beef and topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella.

The BBQ burger is a local favorite - a hefty burger doused with barbecue sauce, crispy fried onions and decked out with pepper jack cheese. All burgers come with a side of fries, a true American classic.

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Novelty Burger coming soon. Serving up old fashioned good eats in a vintage diner setting. 

Kudos to you…you’ve made your selection. Eat on weary traveler…here’s to juicy burgers and finding deliciousness in Newark. 


Christene Carr