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Newark Fashion Style

Below you'll find some of our local favorite fashionistas for an inside look into their personal style. They're dishing out trendsetting tips, mega finds and their favorite hangs. Have flare? Selfies welcome on our Pinterest page.

Linda Street:

Chief Chick, Pink Dragon Artist Syndicate LLC

My style is based on a simple concept and one I have embraced since I fell in love with fashion as a young girl -- find yourself and be yourself! My individual sense of style has historically been well-served by the rich fashion design community in Newark, dating back over 20 years. I'm proud that my wardrobe boasts custom creations from Newark's own Raheam Mann, Tyrone Chablis, Douglas Says, Marco Hall and Jerry Gant. A stroll down Halsey Street is a great way to discover fabulous unique clothing and accessories, as well as emerging local designers at The Artisan Collective, St. James and Co., Luxe and my favorite, MH302 The Marco Hall Boutique.

Linda Street - fashion2.0

Peter Hadar:

Peter Hadar-fashion2.0

Singer Songwriter/Brand Strategist/Fashion Consultant, The Honors Program LLC

My favorite Newark find is actually the blue scarf in this pic, purchased at St. James & Co. on Halsey. My style tip? Push the boundaries of fashion with fine taste and balance.

Favorite Places to go & shop & Hang out:

  1. La Cabane, 37 Commerce St
  2. Newark Museum, 49 Washington St
  3. Newark Library, 5 Washington St
  4. The YMCA, 600 Broad St
  5. 27mix, 27 Halsey St
  6. Aljira, 591 Broad St
  7. Halsey Fabrics, 91 Halsey St

Christene Carr:

Christene Carr CREDIT- Medina-fashion2.0

Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategist

I sew or alter a lot of my clothing and use statement accessories to dress up basic pieces. Luxe Newark on Halsey St is a great place to shop for on trend pieces. It is a few steps away from Halsey St Fabrics, which is ideal for when I feel the urge to be creative. I like shopping with Larry Lyons of Brick City Varsity. My Style Tip: wear clothes that fit. Don't be the girl/woman/man in the $1000 outfit looking like a $1.99. Fit is extremely important and can be the difference between looking hot and looking a hot mess.

Photo credit: Medina-Citi 

Mr. Saturday:


I have three rules for dressing; mix-match your designer clothing, never wear fast fashion and a tailored suit is like a laconic man who knows being verbose is never smart. You want to head over to The Salvation Army in the Ironbound for that unique piece, and blend it into your staples. Own a convertible, and always meet your friends for drinks. I usually take on Mompou on Ferry Street. Long hair goes a long way in a room filled with great tapas, dim lighting and Spanish guitar.




Creative Director, MEDINA = CITI

By creating your own style you are telling the story of who you are without uttering a single word. I consistently find myself drawn to Halsey Street, it is filled with cafes, restaurants and shops, one of my favorites being St. James & Company, a men’s boutique filled with great statement pieces and fashion staples. For a quick gift to the ladies in my life Karma Consignment and Luxe Newark have an assortment of pieces for the style maven.

Kaylan Jones:

Independent Artisan & Founder, Forever Audacious™

Embrace your shape, find what works for you, & OWN IT! Mixing prints is fun, be bright ... BE BOLD! Splurge on accessories, as they are the piece de resistance of your outfit. When vintage & thrift seeking let your imagination run wild … blend the old with the new, and try re-fashioning pieces.

Favorite Hang out Spots in Newark:

  1. Solo(s) Project House...(That's where my Creations Manifest)
  2. Kilkenny Ale House (happy hours lol)
  3. 27 Mix (Wine Down Wednesdays)
  4. Burger Bound, Catas Lounge, Vonda's Kitchen

Kaylan Jones-fashion2.0

Jerry Gant:

Artist, Gantalism

The hidden flavor of my city has and will always be worth the hunt to be in a hell of shot, snap and click! I shop the various thrift stores where the jewels are beyond, beyond and my favorite place to be is Penn Station. The freshness of the people is constant and inspires!

Jerry Gant-fashion2.0

Marco Hall (Oct 10)

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