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New Restaurants in Newark

Any time is the perfect time to explore some new hot spots in Newark, which has in recent years become a drinking and dining destination. From rich coffee to rival the best in Manhattan’s most discriminating coffee shops to gourmet pizzas bursting with flavor, the city caters to every taste. Below are a few hot spots that have recently opened worth checking out.

Burke's Tavern

150 Lafayette St

Burke's Tavern - Exterior

This family-owned neighborhood restaurant and bar brings much life to this historic corner. Reclaiming the name of the original name of the speakeasy era establishment. In this iteration of the corner-establishment refresh yourself with a great cocktail at the lengthy bar or explore the delicious items on their food menu.


Black Swan Espresso

93 Halsey Street

It’s not hyperbole to say that Black Swan Espresso is the best place to get coffee and tea in Newark. No longer do you have to tolerate indifferently made coffee in downtown Newark or schlepp to Montclair or Manhattan for a quality brew. Just skip over to Halsey Street and walk into this charming coffee shop, which offers gourmet beans from Intelligentsia and Propeller. You can order a regular drip coffee, cold brew or have an Aeropress or Kalita on demand. They also offer a wide range of espresso drinks, hot chocolate perfect for chilly days, expertly-made matcha lattes and gourmet loose teas. And holy smokes! The pastry case always has fresh bougie doughnuts from the famous Dough bakery in Brooklyn. An assortment of large, airy doughnuts is covered in a wide range of flavors and glazes: cocoa nibs, hibiscus, crushed almonds, roasted coconut flakes and other decadent flavors. The café also offers cookies and other pastries. The shop is perfect for a linger. The cheery baristas have excellent taste in music and have been known to offer regulars a taste of their newest coffee drinks. 

Black Swan Espresso

A donut at Black Swan Espresso in Newark, NJ


Marcus B&P

56 Halsey Street

Pizza ready to be served at Marcus B&P in Newark, NJ

When celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson announced he was opening a new restaurant in downtown Newark, surprised gourmands in New Jersey rejoiced. No longer did fans of his cooking have to hightail it all the way to Samuelsson’s famous Red Rooster restaurant in Harlem to eat at his table. The new restaurant, Marcus B&P, recently joined Whole Foods and Petco in the iconic Hahne & Co. building, a popular and historic downtown locale. The restaurant is stylish and has warm tones from its elegant chandeliers, timbered ceiling and brick walls graced by the works of local artists.

Welcome to Marcus B&P in Newark, NJ

The open kitchen at Marcus B&P in Newark, NJ

From some dining tables, you can peek into the bustling kitchen, which is anchored by a copper pizza oven. But how about the food? A recent menu for the soft opening featured snacks such as Marcus’ Parkerhouse roll with locally-produced Ronnybrook butter and Tassot honey. Salads feature charred octopus as a nod to the Ironbound’s rich seafood dining tradition and kale from Newark’s own indoor farm, AeroFarms. There are also delicious pizzas, pasta and main dishes like a platter of mouthwatering fried chicken and waffles. Opening days have already seen a crush of crowds so be sure to grab a seat soon and dig in.