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Washington Park

Washington Park is a little-known gem that offers so much in the way of culture, history and beauty; yet that is quickly changing. It is a worthwhile destination for anyone in the greater Newark area seeking both relaxation and stimulation.The park is surrounded by beautiful churches, office buildings and some very important landmarks, such as the Newark Museum and the Newark Public Library.


Washington Park Sensory Lab

Washington Park in Newark, NJ

Volunteers working at Washington Park in Newark, NJ

Washington Park Sensory Lab

The Washington Park Sensory Lab will feature free events throughout the summer season. Our Newark community partners will offer a variety of programming for all ages to engage all the senses including music, dance, fitness and children’s storytime. The season kicks off with Food Truck Tuesdays and House Music Thursdays – and it is just beginning to take shape.


A Community Experience

We’ve seeded a public greenspace at Newark’s Washington Park with a summer installation for community-driven programming to engage all of your senses. One hundred twenty-five volunteers built this space, 538 hexagons create the place, 155 solar lights come alive when the sun sets to illuminate a new gathering green at the doorsteps of the Newark Museum, Newark Public Library, Rutgers-Newark and the restaurants of Halsey Street.

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