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Did you know, shooting pool is just one form of cue sports or billiards? In fact, the history of billiards is so long and elaborate, the game is hardly recognizable from its original roots. Honestly, the game is entirely different in other countries. But here, in the good ol’ USA, the most widely played version of the game is eight-ball. Honestly, the type of game is irrelevant to the fun-factor. Because no matter what your preference of game style is, the fact remains that shooting pool is a pretty fun pass time. And it helps if you’re good at it.

Maite 64 Jackson St

A bar, grille, lounge, and event space all rolled into one. Their backroom is perfect for catching any games you might want to watch on their two large screen televisions, plenty of tables and sitting space, and two pool tables. The table will run you $1.50 per game – a small price to pay for their atmosphere, food, and drinks. Fair warning, this place is cash only.



Blitz Bar (179 Wilson Ave)

Blitz just underwent a facelifting renovation, but their sports bar vibe is still fully intact. The pool and foosball table (formerly occupying too much bar space up front) now has their own little nest in a back room. Head there with a group of friends for a fun night of games and bonding. A game is only $1.



If you really want to venture into a tucked away little jewel, head to

The Deep Inn (60 Pulaski St).

The building, barely recognizable save for the one outdoor sign, is a hidden away little bar with the quintessential dive-bar feel. Yet somehow, the deer head mounted on the brick wall and Newark memorabilia make for a nostalgic vibe. Pool games will only run you $1 as well. The table is set up in the back with plenty of seating and a connection to the bar. A great place to hang with friends for domestic beer specials and constant jukebox tunes.  The Deep Inn is cash only as well, but there is a bank conveniently located on the corner.

So whether you’re a pool shark or a novice. There are plenty of places in the Ironbound bound to shoot some pool. Just remember, keep your shooting arm in line with the shot!