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Best Pizza Spots in Newark

With the New York skyline not far in the distance and the setting of many Sopranos scenes there's no wonder why pizza is a mainstay in Newark. But what makes a good pizza? Is it the cheese, the dough, or the toppings? We asked Newark residents to steer us in the right direction for where to get the best slice (or personal pie) in town. We found that Newarkers like the heat and their meat... see who's on the list below and favorite local toppings.

Everything pizza from pizza place in Newark

Mercato, a brick oven pizzeria should be opening downtown in the next few months to add to the scene. So like the sign outside of Robert's Pizza - no we don't serve New York style pizza, they stole OUR pizza! Pizza is at home in Newark and residents and visitors can find a good slice in almost every direction. So order up ... bon appétit!

Pizza from Nico's Kitchen + Bar in Newark

Nico's Kitchen + Bar. Like Monk Room, NICO's is a sit-down restaurant where you can't buy a slice, but you can order a 9" personal pie, which is perfect for one. Pies are made from scratch with dough made daily as well as cheese that is made in-house. The chef creates a pizza of the day to add to their seasonal selections. NICO's is inside the NJPAC and a great stop for a show... pizzas are not on their pre-event prix-fixe, but can be ordered after a show.

Pizza from Frank's Pizzeria in Newark

Frank's Pizzeria. Patrons of Frank's want to see if they can feel the heat of their Buffalo Chicken Pizza, which is made with extra hot wing sauce. Can you handle it? You need to try it to find out. You can always beat the heat by following up with something sweet like their funnel cake sundae. It's a great stop if you are visiting Branch Brook Park in the north ward.

Pizza Francesca's in Newark

Francesca's. Francesca's is an Ironbound favorite. It recently moved and went through a renovation from a typical counter service pizzeria to one that now offers backroom seating with table service. They offer a variety of toppings to choose from, maybe too many choices for some. They are walking distance from Penn Station and to top it all off is BYOB - so don't forget to bring a bottle of wine or a six-pack!

Sicilian Pizza from Queen's Pizza in Newark

Queen's Pizza. You can't say pizza without someone mentioning Queen's. They have two downtown locations (48 Commerce Street) and another one that is currently being renovated on Halsey Street (which should be open in about 1 month). Lunch time is busy with corporate workers buzzing in and out with their quick lunch - usually a grandma pizza slice, which is a favorite. What is a grandma pizza? A thick rectangular pizza made in a "Sicilian" pan topped with fresh basil.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Robert's Pizzeria in Newark

Robert's Pizzeria. An off-campus favorite for students and Rutgers staff is Robert's Pizza. The original owners opened the pizzeria after moving here from Italy and the newest owners that took over six years ago have not altered their recipes. They have stayed consistent in their quality of pizza and service that many didn't even know they changed management. The slice most often purchased is the Pepperoni slice, followed closely behind by the Buffalo Chicken pizza.


Tamara Remedios is a Newark resident, a self-proclaimed foodie, mommy, marketing and events entrepreneur and co-founder of NewarkPulse.com, a positive news site for Newark.