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Local Indie Films

From the invention of film in 1889 by priest Hannibal Goodwin, Thomas Edison's building the world's first film production studio, the resurgence of box office films shooting in Newark, and the city's annual film festivals, Newark and New Jersey has always been at the center of the motion picture industry. With platforms such as the Newark International Film Festival and Express Newark, a university–community collaboratory, Newark has long since seen as much active from independent and emerging filmmakers. Learn of some of the recent projects below:

Zahra and the Oil Man

Zahra and the Oil Man is a short drama. Zahra, the daughter of a Muslim street merchant, fights to save her father's struggling business in hopes to forever change the trajectory of her family's financial future.

Written by Yucef Mayes & Aaron Melvin.

Directed by Yucef Mayes.

Visit Website for More Info: www.zahraandoilman.com

Zahra and the Oil Man – Soundtrack

Zahra and the Oil Man

(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

by bumpPRO

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Yucef Mayes – headshot

American Black Film Festival

Interviewed by Matt DV, I'm So Newark

Miami Beach

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Catch a Girl

With his elementary understanding of courtship, 11-year-old Darius meets up with friends that conspire to play a popular “predator vs. prey” childhood game, targeted to take advantage of girls.

Written & Directed by LeRon E. Lee.

Visit Website for More Info: www.facebook.com/catchagirl