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Best Sandwiches in Newark

At first glance, people might not think of Newark as a "sandwich" type of town, but for those who hunger for cheap eats and tasty treats...bring your empty stomachs and meet a few of our local heroes. Here's where to go.


Cooper's Deli has two locations in town - on South Orange Avenue and Orange Street.

From the street, the liquor store combo might be a turn-off, but inside the overstuffed sandwiches will not disappoint.

Cooper's is known for their pastrami sandwiches. And hey you can take a bottle of your favorite liquor to go (no seats inside). Be prepared for a wait on Saturdays.

Hobby's Deli - Sandwich Selfie


Hobby's Delicatessen is located downtown, just a block from the Prudential Center.

Although they usually close at 4:30pm, they stay open til game time for Devil's home games and are the perfect pre-game go to with overstuffed sandwiches and $4 beers.

Dine-in guests receive a big bowl of pickles to enjoy with their meal.

Hobby's Family Owned Business


Omar's Cafe - closeup sandwich

If you're looking for Cuban sandwiches then you need to make your way to Mt. Prospect Street where neighbors clamor over two long-time sandwiches the beefsteak and the traditional Cuban sandwich.

Omar's Café on one side of the road is known for bang-up beefsteak sandwiches. The secret ingredient is the potato straws that line the bottom of the sandwich for added flavor and crunch.

Not sure how to order...just follow the crowd. Most everyone orders a beefsteak sandwich and pointing is allowed.

This is a Philly cheesesteak, Newark style, at about 10-12" it's an unbelievable bargain at just $6. Well... at least until you cross the street.


Cuba Bakery 2

Cuba Bakery rivals for the tastiest treat in town; throwing a $5 Cuban sandwich into the mix.

What makes a Cuban a Cuban? It's a sandwich packed with pernil (pork), ham, cheese, and pickles. Everything is fresh and made inside the bakery, including the bread.

There are just 8 seats in this establishment, if you're lucky enough to score one, enjoy amazing aromas while you savor your meal.

You might want to consider ordering a few pastries to go.

The Italian hot dog was invented in Newark in 1932 by Jimmy "Buff" Racioppi, founder of Jimmy Buff's (Restaurant). 

Click Here to Learn More about this Newark invention and staple!


Can't get enough kosher-style deli? Newark has an old history of traditional-style deli sandwiches with three multi-generational family businesses in town. You can start a sandwich riot by asking Newarkers to compare: Bragman's Deli, Cooper's, and Hobby's. All three are known for preparing all their meats on-site and all sandwiches are served up on rye with coleslaw and Russian dressing. These deli sandwiches are humongous and range from $13-16 each.

Bragman's Deli is off the beaten path a little dive on a tranquil block. However, the sandwich is well worth the trip.

Order up, sandwiches are named after family members and are best accompanied with a side of macaroni salad and Dr. Brown's soda. The top choice is the Janice with pastrami and corned beef.


Jimmy Buffs

60 Washington Street, West Orange , NJ

With modest originals at 202 14th Avenue in Newark, NJ, 80-plus years later the tradition lives on in the area.

Sandwiches Unlimited

23 North Center St, Orange & 405 Central Ave, East Orange

Close by this local favorite gets two classics right: the ever-popular hot pastrami and the Italian Cheeseburger.