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Newark History

Before America was, Newark was already happening.  As an early outpost in the New World, it served from the beginning to bring together cultures and commerce.  Even then, it was a melting pot brimming with indigenous and imported foods, arts, music, and entertainment. Newark has been a tourist destination since the 1600s with the first recorded hotel opening back in 1670.

The city has inspired radical thoughts. Thomas Paine penned the immortal words of The American Crisis, which roused the rallying cry reinvigorating discouraged soldiers, while camped fireside in 1776. We've set precedents, creating the first county park, the first skyway, the first public golf course, the nation's first commercial airline terminal, and were the first to broadcast the World Series over the airwaves. We are innovators, creators, seekers, and tinkerers perfecting patent leather, creating malleable iron, celluloid, the universal stock ticker, and even that delicious Oreo cream filling.

We've born beauty, planted seeds for generations, erected magnificent churches, parks, and buildings, and produced works that inspire a nation.  We've paid homage to our heroes, like Wars of America and Seated Lincoln, sculptures built by Gutzon Borglum of Mount Rushmore fame.

We have come through turbulent times, times of struggle, digging deep, collectively searching, seeking, believing in Newark, and something beyond. We have reinvested, reinvigorated, and rebounded while the world stood by. We have soared, built new institutions, an explosion of building, of blossoming, attracting new events, new businesses, and new people who have come and contributed to a city's rebirth. Now Newark is the place to be, to be seen, to see the unexpected. We welcome you to open doors and visit our galleries and explore our cultural institutions and our world-class attractions. People are coming together to experience something unique and leaving with a wholly different perspective of this special city.

Read a Walk Through Newark's History by David Hartman and Historian Barry Lewis then get out and explore historic places like Military Park, New Jersey Historical Society, and Newark Public Library.

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