Newark, NJ – May 20, 2021 – Mayor Ras J. Baraka today signed an Executive Order that will enable Newark eating establishments to operate “StrEATERIES” and parklets. It also allows indoor dining establishments to remain open until 2 a.m., and outdoor dining establishments until Midnight. Music cannot be played after 10 p.m. at outside dining establishments.

Under the Executive Order, dining establishments and restaurants are permitted to temporarily convert curbside parking spaces into an area specifically intended for outdoor dining where take-away food and beverages may be consumed. Restaurant owners must apply for licenses to create “StrEATERIES.”

‍Additionally, the ordinance requires face coverings to be worn at all times except when eating or drinking, in a space where the individual is alone, or among individuals that the person knows have been fully vaccinated. The Executive Order takes effect immediately and will terminate on October 31, 2021, unless rescinded or extended.

‍The Order also requests large outdoor and indoor venues to implement a mandatory vaccine policy prior to patrons entering their buildings.

‍“As we continue to see a decline in Newark’s COVID-19 positivity rate and an increase in residents being vaccinated, it’s important for our restaurants and businesses to be provided with additional opportunity to help stimulate the economy, while having the proper structures in place to ensure our residents’ safety,” Mayor Baraka said. “We are moving Newark forward safely, economically, and turning this pandemic into a time to excel.”

‍The Department of Finance, along with the Office of Tax Abatement, in cooperation with the Departments of Engineering and Public Safety and the Newark Parking Authority, will have prior approval of “StrEATERIES” and parklet applications. The application fee is $100 and the annual renewal is the same amount. There are additional fees for occupation of land up to 100 square feet or more for 30-day periods or fractions thereof. Those fees are given in the Executive Order, which is attached.

‍Additional information about “Streateries” and parklets:

‍• All “StrEATERIES” must provide ADA curb ramps, easily removable tables, chairs, and other seating. Shade coverings such as umbrellas or pop-up canopies may be included, along with a single identifying sign to identify the sponsors of the “StrEATERY,” its hours, and guidance on occupancy and social distancing. These facilities will be made of permanent and semi-permanent structures or permanent or temporary tents.

• Restaurant owners cannot prepare food outdoors, and are required to sweep and wash their “StrEATERIES” daily. They must also adhere to street-sweeping schedules. In case of a public emergency, the City has the power to remove “StrEATERIES.”‍

• Diners at “StrEATERIES” face a 90-minute time limit, which restaurant owners must post.

‍• The Newark Alcohol Beverage Control Board must provide approval for restaurant owners to sell, serve, deliver, or allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages in any “StrEATERY.” In addition, diners may not bring their own alcoholic beverages to these sites.

‍• “StrEATERIES” and parklets may not be located in a 10-foot bus stop, within 25 feet of a crosswalk, 10 feet of a hydrant, or in handicap parking spaces or loading zones.

‍• Applicants for “StrEATERY” permits must be current on their local property taxes and water and sewer charges before their license is issued.

‍The Executive Order is attached.‍

For more information about the Executive Order and its policies, contact Juanita Jordan, Manager of the Division of Special Taxes and Permits at 973-733-3722 or