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Ancient African Formula

Ancient African Formula


Aminata Dukuray was born in Sierra Leone, but moved to The Republic of Gambia as a teenager to escape her country’s violence. She immigrated to the United States over 20 years ago. While working at a health food store in the United States, Aminata learned about the restorative and rejuvenating powers of shea butter. She grew to understand how different combinations of shea butter, oils, and other gifts from nature can revitalize hair and skin. When Aminata’s daughter developed a skin condition that didn’t respond to traditional medical treatment, she studied different combinations of natural products to heal her daughter’s skin. She applied her growing knowledge and successfully cured her daughter’s skin condition. Aminata launched Ancient African Formula and a business was born. Ancient African Formula has grown to become both a wholesale and retail business. Today Aminata’s daughters assist her in several aspects of her growing business.


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