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The Zucchini Bar Herbal Tea’s & Treats

The Zucchini Bar Herbal Tea’s & Treats


Eat Organic and Live Healthy There is a reason why so many are choosing the vegan way. Organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds are often safer, fresher, and more nutritious. At The Zucchini Bar Herbal Tea’s & Treats in Newark, New Jersey, we serve food and beverage that will delight the vegan in you. Enjoy Our Fresh Ingredients Our food and drinks are made from native, wild, and organic ingredients that are rich in alkaline for a naturally balanced body. Eating Vegan the Dr. Sebi Way For individuals like ourselves who follow Dr. Sebi’s alkaline diet, we have a menu selection just for you, all approved by Dr. Sebi. You will find delightful menu choices in a fast food environment. Share this good news to a friend now.


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