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Wilson Tang

Wilson Tang

  • 3 Brewster Road, Newark, NJ 07114


Restoring the Nom Wah Tea Parlor was less about business and more about family for Wilson Tang, whose uncle Wally Tang worked in the eatery for 60 years. When Wally retired early last year amid problems with the Department of Health (he had to shutter his doors for two months in 2008, and one month in 2009 due to various violations), Wilson left his finance job at ING to take over. "I grew up in this restaurant, and it's so important to my family and me," says Wilson, 32, who will reopen the Doyers St. restaurant tomorrow. "My uncle was thrilled when I agreed to come on board, but he made me promise I wouldn't change anything. And I kept that promise, for the most part." While he preserved the original dining room, Wilson — who briefly owned a Chinese bakery on Allen St. between working at Morgan Stanley and ING — renovated the kitchen, a process that took six months.