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  • Newark Blossoms 8 Miles from New York City
    Newark Blossoms 8 Miles from New York City


    Before America was, Newark was already happening.  As an early outpost in the New World, it served from the beginning to bring together cultures and commerce.  Even then, it was a melting pot brimming with indigenous and imported foods, arts, music and entertainments.   

    In the centuries since, Newark has continued to blossom, always renewing and reworking itself, always becoming something richer and more varied – a new work with each new arrival of people and promise. Each new face in its growth has given rise to a different facet of its overall character so that today’s Newark is multi-faceted – an endless parade of offerings, adventures and opportunities.  From America’s first and oldest public park to one of the country’s largest performing arts venue, from the state’s biggest museum to the continent’s 5th largest cathedral – pro sports, fine arts, urban retail and outdoor adventure, it’s all happening here.  

    On any given day, you’ll find 25 different languages conversing over an even greater mix and melding of world cuisine and cultures.  Not only is there variety in the people who’ve journeyed through the centuries to Newark, but there’s also variety in how they’ve traveled here.  Air, water, roadway, railway, bike path and footbridge, Newark offers every manner of transportation imaginable, providing access that’s unbelievable.  

    The Garden State’s largest metropolis, Newark blossoms mere miles from New York City.  Newark shines even in New York’s shadow.  It offers ease and affordable access to all New York is.  But Newark offers a taste of Big-Apple-style action in smaller more intimate bites.  

    Live.  Learn.  Love.  Shop.  Rock.  Sports.  Arts.  Eats.  Events.  Adventure.  Newark offers a front row seat and easy access to all that’s happening.

    If it’s happening, it’s happening here in one of our 9 districts.  Newark.