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Military Park

Military Park

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Military Park is home to some of New Jersey's most famous monuments and historical points of interest. The triangular, six-acre city park was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, who also planned Central Park. It served as a training ground for soldiers and became an encampment during George Washington's retreat from British forces across New Jersey in 1667. It was also the location of Thomas Edison's first us of electric lights in a public space. Today Military park is an urban playground, recently revitalized, it now plays host to great concerts, farmers markets, a place for yoga and tai chi, you'll find a reading library, children's storytelling, ping pong, chess, outdoor movies and great eats.

Explore Military Park's most impressive structure, "Wars of America" a monument that attracts visitors from near and far. Created by Gutzon Borglum, the sculptor of Mount Rushmore, the monument forms the base of a large concrete sword built into the ground. From the ground, the sword resembles a dry fountain, yet from the air its shape is easily distinguished. The sword is about 80 yards long from the end of the statue to its tip; the blade measures more than 10 feet across its base. Other Military Park sights include a bust of John F. Kennedy, an old drinking fountain with the phrase "My cup runneth over" carved around its base, and statues of Frederick Frelinghuysen, Monsignor George Doane and Philip Kearny.



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