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Urban Girl Magazine

Urban Girl Magazine

  • Greater, Newark, NJ 07102


Urban Girl Magazine is a one-stop media source for all things of interest to the multicultural Urban Girl. We cover everything from fashion, beauty, music, news, current events, politics, health, and more. We are the unfiltered media source, above all, we keep things real! We give a fresh and exciting take on the above-mentioned categories from the perspective of an urban woman. We began in 2012 after our Editor in Chief and curator of UGM, Desiree Hadley didn’t see a media source that spoke her language. The language of the Urban intellectual woman. Her saying is “Just because you come from an urban community that doesn’t mean you’re not educated or intelligent, that’s a huge misconception… Ye the urban woman loves hip hop but digesting information about politics and education is just as important” If you’re looking for a new place to ingest the information you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Urban Girl Magazine!