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Terminal C

Terminal C_Beer Garden (OTG)

Terminal C is about to change the way you experience travel. Imagine waiting for your plane in a lounge, you scan your boarding pass at one of the 6,000 new iPad docks and receive up to the minute flight status.

Surfing that iPad you decide that indeed you are hungry and order up a nice glass of Chianti and some Osso Bucco from a high end restaurant using leftover frequent flier miles and moments later it finds you. 

You are basking in the deliciousness of your meal wondering why people complain about travel when you realize that you forgot to pack your sunglasses and are jetting out to the sunniest place on the planet. 

You sigh, and hit that iPad again ordering up the perfect pair of shades to meet you at your seat. You sip your wine and indulge in a sense of contentment, ready for anything. 

Terminal C_Atruim2_600x200

Here’s what’s coming:

Be dazzled by the new designs. Terminal C is about to get a trendy makeover. 

Eat up! Terminal C will have an enormous collection of dining experiences with 24 internationally and regionally acclaimed chefs (4 Michelin Starred) who will be serving up fresh, locally sourced ingredients highlighting regional dining experiences.

The Gate Experience: It’s going high tech. In fact, Terminal C will have the largest collection of iPads in any location in the world. Take that Apple!

Terminal C-Chef Robert_600x200 (OTG)

Great dining happens in Newark…you’ll never get full of these offerings. Check out the A list Celebrity Chefs cooking up a great time in Newark.

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